Two Tips for Pool Owners Who Have Started to Let Their New Dogs Use Their Pools

If you have decided to let your new dog cool off in your pool whenever they want to, you will probably find these suggestions useful.

Update your swimming pool cleaning contractor

If you use the services of a swimming pool cleaning contractor, then you should let them know that your dog will be using your pool regularly, rather than springing this information on them when they next call over to clean your pool. The reason for this is as follows; your dog's regular dips in the swimming pool will affect its cleanliness, and your cleaning contractor might need to make changes to their current routine to ensure that they can continue to achieve the same satisfactory sanitation levels that they did before your pooch started using this feature.

For example, they may need to spend more time cleaning your pool than they did previously. This is because the hair your dog sheds in the water might result in the contractor having to rinse out the pool filter more often (as the hair might clog it up) and because they may need to manually pull out any twigs, dirt or dog hair that your dog brings into the pool on their body. Additionally, if your pool never really had any debris in it before and the contractor therefore never needed to use a skimming tool when cleaning it in the past, they might need to start bringing along a heavy-duty leaf skimmer to perform the aforementioned task.

Don't let your dog near the pool whilst the contractor is cleaning it

You should keep your dog out of the cleaning contractor's way when the latter is cleaning your pool. The reason for this is as follows; whilst you might think it's adorable when your dog leaps into the water or tries to playfully grab the contractor's skimmer with their teeth, your dog's antics might make the contractor's job much harder.

If they jump in the pool whilst the contractor is skimming the existing dog hairs and dirt out of it, your pet might leave more hair in the water which the contractor will then need to pull out of the pool before they finish up. Additionally, if they snatch the skimmer out of the contractor's hand and drop it in the pool, the contractor will have to get into the water to pull it out or use another tool to pull it over to the edge where they can grab it. These interruptions might make it impossible for the contractor to finish on time and they might end up being late for their next cleaning job.