The Pool Safety Tips You Need to Keep Your Children Safe Whilst They're Splashing This Summer

The pool is a great place to enjoy family time in the sun -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that you want the kids near the pool whilst you're not there. Unfortunately, it can be pretty challenging to keep the kids away from the lure of the sparkling water -- and this means that you need to put some smart safety tips into place. The following pool safety tips can keep your kids safe whilst giving you peace of mind. 

Start Swimming Lessons Early

You can take your child to water confidence classes to help them get acquainted with the water as early as six months of age. By the time they turn three, children can usually start swimming lessons -- and this early start can literally be a life saver later on. Just because your child knows how to swim doesn't mean they should be unsupervised by the pool -- but if it ever happens, they'll be able to respond quickly if they fall in the water. If you start early enough, your children will learn to love the water -- and you'll help them learn to respect it, too. 

Make the Pool Environment Safe

Many people say that they don't have a fence around their pool because they hate the visual obstruction. Whilst that's understandable, it doesn't have to be an impediment to pool safety for your kids any longer. Consider glass pool fencing for your pool area. It's made from specially engineered glass that's sturdy whilst still meeting safety requirements -- and you'll be able to see the beautiful sparkling pool without visual interference!

Establish the Rules -- and Enforce Them

One of the best things that you can do for pool safety -- now and in the future -- is to establish a firm set of pool safety rules. These rules should be few in number, simple, and to the point so they're easy for your kids to remember. Some rule suggestions include: 

  • No running in the pool area under any circumstances
  • No kids in the pool area unless an adult is present
  • No diving in the pool
  • No horseplay in the pool area

To keep these ​rules fresh in your children's minds at all times, you might want to post a list of water safety rules outdoors near the pool. Whilst the goal is to have all rules well memorised, seeing them every day may help to hasten the process. 

Pool time can be one of your child's most treasured experiences whilst growing up. Use the safety tips above to ensure that everyone has fun -- and that you've got no worries about them whilst they're at it!