Why Choose a Vinyl Liner Pool Versus Concrete or Fibreglass?

When choosing a new pool for your home, you can typically choose between fibreglass, concrete or vinyl liner pools. Each of these styles may have their own advantages, but note why a vinyl liner option may be the best choice for your home.


Fibreglass pools are formed and poured in a factory and then shipped to your home for installation. When you choose a fibreglass pool, you then need to choose a shape and size that is available from a pool manufacturer. This can make it difficult to get a fibreglass pool that works around your landscaping features.

Concrete can be poured in any shape and size you prefer, but this material is also very heavy and may require some type of foundation under it; this can add to the cost and the time of installation. Concrete is also typically the most expensive option, and you may not be able to get a concrete truck into your backyard.

However, a vinyl liner is lightweight and easy to install and can be formed into any shape. It can easily work around landscaping features or awkward spaces; you can also choose a shape you love.


Vinyl liners do need replacing over time, but this can give you the chance to create a new look for your pool. You can choose a vinyl liner in a different colour or with a design along the surface. This allows you to have a pool that coordinates with new patio furniture, a new patio surface or even a new colour of exterior siding on the home. You also don't need to wait until the liner needs repair; you can have it replaced whenever you want without needing someone to repaint concrete and without replacing an entire fibreglass pool.


When you choose a pool for your home, remember that you'll need to keep that pool cleaned and well-maintained; this can mean costly chemicals, a new pump and other supplies, and even a cleaning service. You may also want to purchase new patio furniture, an outdoor heater for sitting poolside and new landscaping to enhance the pool. All of these costs add up! A vinyl liner is one of the most affordable options for a pool and can mean having money left over to put toward those new patio features, as well as your future costs for keeping the pool clean and in good repair.

Talk with swimming pool builders to learn more about your best pool options.