Locating Backyard Lap Pools In Queensland

The difference between a lap pool and an ordinary pool is that lap pools are designed to be long and narrow. This type of pool is recommended for those who may wish to "swim" their way to better health and fitness.

Other than health and fitness, you might have decided that you want a lap pool because it'll use up less of the (already limited) space in your backyard. Whatever your reason, here's what you need to remember when choosing the best location place to install a lap pool within the backyard.

The Sun And The Wind Can Be Dangerous 

You need to mind these two weather elements when choosing the best location for your lap pool. Contrary to what many people believe, lap pool shouldn't be located in backyard areas that are exposed to direct sunlight for the better part of the day. Such a location might guarantee you a warmer welcome every time you dive into the pool. It might also guarantee that the water level in your pool will drop at a faster rate due to rapid evaporation.

Lap pools should also not be located in backyard areas that are exposed to strong winds. Strong winds create waves inside the pool, which can easily force water past the overflow grates designed to regulate water levels within the pool.

Local Regulations

In Queensland, regulations that govern the design, installation and operation of swimming pools are enforced with a great deal of seriousness.

When choosing a location for your lap pool, remember that the location must comply with the minimum safety requirements. For example, you're not allowed to have a door through which you can gain direct access to your lap pool from inside the house.

You're also required to ensure that any windows that may provide access to the pool area are non-operational. If they have to be operational, they shouldn't create an opening wider than 100mm when fully open. You might find it easier to locate your pool away from the nearest windows than to comply with these regulations.

Here's where to get more detailed information about safety compliance for your lap pool.

Having The Pool Right Next To The Fence

You might not have thought about it but a lap pool installed right before the fence can increase security in your backyard. If anyone tries to climb over the fence, he or she falls into the pool. How's that for a burglar-proof backyard?