Pool Automation: 3 Automatic Pool Cleaning Options to Consider For Your Pool

The most basic step of pool maintenance is cleaning. Dirt and other debris that ends up in your pool may clog your pool's filtration system. Automatic pool cleaners will clean your pool's waterline, floor, and walls, making your pool maintenance an easy task. There are various options of automatic pool cleaners, and you need to understand them well before making a decision on which one to purchase. For this reason, regardless of the type of pool you have in your home, worry less about cleaning your pool, and maintain a sparkling pool with these 3 automatic pool cleaners.

Suction-Side Automatic Cleaners

These types of cleaners rely on a suction mechanism to move debris and other dirt off the floor or your pool. They work when the pump of your pool is running by picking up and depositing dirt into your pool's filtering system. Suction-side automatic cleaners can also reduce skimming action on the surface if your pool. These automatic cleaners are an economical choice since most of them come with only one moving part. Moreover, they are attached to your already existing suction port, meaning installation is easy. Besides, this means that you won't be needing additional pumps or plumbing, reducing your installation costs. These cleaners are also an ideal choice because they suck dirt and debris directly into your pool filter, meaning that they can help you remove much finer dirt particles.

Pressure-Side Automatic Cleaners

This is often ideal for inground pool systems. Pressure-side cleaners work on the return line or the return side of your pool's filter system. They use your pool's filtration system to direct water jets with immense pressure to loosen any floating debris. Pressure-side automatic cleaners will float on the surface of your pool with a bag skimming along the bottom to pick up debris. These cleaners are suitable for pools underneath trees where you'd expect a lot of debris. A pressure-side cleaner won't suck stuff into your pool pump basket or filter, meaning it won't clog your filter or skimmer, allowing you some more time in between the cleanings and enhancing water circulation. Most of them have mid-range prices.

Electronic or Robotic Automatic Cleaners

These cleaners come with electrical motors that drive them. They also have a separate pump inside them with a filter into which vacuumed dirt goes. These robotic cleaners are the most versatile of the three because they will scrub the walls of your pool as well as the tile lines. The self-contained filtration system also reduces strain on your pool filter and pump.

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