Swimming Pools | 4 Steps To Restore Pool Tiles That Fall Off Completely

Maintaining swimming pools requires effort because you need to keep the water and pool tiles clean and damage-free as much as possible. Over prolonged use, some pool tiles can start to loosen from the surface and may fall off completely. You will need to address this issue immediately to prevent deeper structural issues. If a pool tile falls off completely, follow these simple steps to restore it. 

Gather Your Pool Repair Materials

You can use the original tile on the pool surface if it is undamaged, or you may need to get a replacement tile if the original tile is damaged. In most cases, it's likely that you will use the same tile or you may have some spare ones lying around in your garage from your initial pool tiling project. You will also need mortar mix, grout and a putty knife. A dry cement mix, mortar is ideal for cementing tiles, blocks and paving slabs for pools and outdoor areas. Grout is a type of white paste for filling gaps and crevices between tiles. These materials are available at any local home improvement store.

Lower The Water Level And Apply Mortar To Tile

The water level will need to be lowered to below the missing tile area. The process of restoration involves the application of mortar to the rear of the tile with your putty knife. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the mortar and make sure that it is spread evenly across the tile.

Push Tile Back Firmly In Gap

Once you have spread the mortar around the tile, push it back firmly against the wall gap from where it fell off in the first place. Wriggle the tile slightly to evenly spread the adhesive against the wall surface. After you restore the tile, you will need to apply grout to the empty areas around the tile using the same putty knife. Make sure you remove any excess grout with a damp cloth or sponge for a neat and clean finish.

Allow Enough Time For Mortar And Grout To Dry

Mortar and grout need time to dry, so make sure you follow the recommended drying time provided by each manufacturer. For quicker drying, it's ideal to do this repair job for your pools on a warm and sunny day. After the mortar and grout have dried, you can refill your pool once again. 

You can either undertake this restoration process on your own, or you can hire professional contractors.