Swimming Pools | 3 Golden Strategies To Become A Dream Customer For Pool Contractors

Building an in-ground swimming pool in your home is likely to cost you in excess of $25,000 for a fibreglass pool and $35,000 for a concrete pool, so you'll naturally want to work with pool contractors that you are comfortable with to handle the installation of swimming pools. Follow these golden strategies to become a dream customer for pool contractors.

Be Clear With Your Material Requirements

First and foremost, be clear with your material requirements when it comes to building in-ground pools. Don't assume that your contractor will make the decision for you, so take the time to understand the different materials that go into installing swimming pools. Fibreglass pools are made from acrylic shells, which are cheaper, quicker and easier to install. They can also adhere well to poor soil conditions. Concrete swimming pools are highly durable and can last for several years, but they can be more expensive and take longer to install, but come with a myriad of decorative choices that are missing in fibreglass pools. Smart homeowners will undertake a geotechnical survey of the ground to help them decide between the two materials. In unstable soil conditions, the soil may shift under your pool, which could cause cracks and faults in concrete pools. This generally doesn't happen with fibreglass pools, making them the ideal choice for areas with unstable soil. Once you're clear with your material, you've made the job much easier for a pool contractor.

Undertake All Agreements in Writing

Getting all agreements in writing is not only beneficial for your pool contractor, but for you as well. This way you can avoid any misunderstandings or quarrels because you simply assumed your pool contractor would undertake the job. For example, if you expect the pool contractor to contact your local council for getting the building process and final pool inspection approved, make sure that it is stipulated in your agreement in writing. Similarly, if the pool contractor is expected to install pool fencing within a certain timeframe, be sure to list it in the contract clearly. A comprehensively written agreement will demarcate responsibilities clearly, so each of you know the role you must play when installing swimming pools.

Focus on Functionality and Aesthetics From the Start

Too many homeowners focus on visual aesthetics pool and ignore basic functionality ­­–– only to end up with a list of complaints about the swimming pool because they don't know how to manage it. You'll want to focus on elements like flow rates, filter and pump types, hydraulic design, chemical systems, tree preservation, drainage and other considerations that affect the functionality of swimming pools. Being an informed pool owner will help you plan your swimming pool installations intelligently with your pool contractors.

Use these smart tips to become a dream customer for pool contractors when it comes to installing swimming pools.