Why Opt for Solar Pool Heating for Your Home's Pool?

Most consumers opt to put solar panels on their home's roof to save money on energy bills or to use a more Eco-friendly type of energy for their home; some might do so for both reasons. Installing solar pool heating, like that provided by Pool Solar & Spa,  can mean lower costs to heat your pool, and it does mean cutting down on the pollution that is created at power plants. However, there are many other benefits and advantages to solar pool heaters. Note a few of those here.

1.  Fewer moving parts means less wear and tear

A solar panel that operates a pool's heater will have few if any moving parts, unlike a heat pump, which involves many moving parts that get hot themselves when the pump is in use. This heat can cause friction and in turn, damage to the parts over time.

Fewer moving parts with a solar pool heater means less corrosion, less wear and tear, and a more durable way of heating your pool. You are likely to have far fewer repair bills with a solar-powered pool heater than if you use one that runs on gas or electricity, making it a cheaper and more reliable option in the long run. Note too that most pool heaters need to be checked and maintained every year; the parts need to be cleaned and oiled so they operate smoothly throughout summertime. Solar heaters for a pool require little to no maintenance; this too means less cost and less time spent preparing your pool versus enjoying it.

2. Quiet and clean operation

All those moving parts in a standard pool heater can mean not just corrosion, but also excessive noise as the pump operates. If you've ever noticed sudden and loud sounds coming from the pool while you're nearby, it's usually either the pump to the filter or the heater coming on. With a solar pool heater, there is little to no sound as it operates so you can enjoy quiet days by the pool with less noise than with a standard heat pump.

While electricity generates pollution at a power plant, using a gas-powered pool heater means creating pollution at the spot of the heater itself. Solar power is clean, so that you not only save the environment but you're also less bothered by fumes and emissions on your own property. This too can add to the enjoyment of your pool and your property.