Upgrades to Consider For Your Swimming Pool Renovation Project

Deciding to renovate your swimming pool is not at all an easy task, but the recent advances in swimming pool technologies have made renovations well worth it. As a homeowner, you can now transform your troublesome, old pool into a luxury one with all the possible amenities without too much trouble. Most people settle for their existing pools simply because they don't have enough information regarding the possibilities of swimming pool renovations.

Perhaps they underestimate the transformative possibilities when it comes to renovating existing pools. With that said, here are the X best upgrades that you should consider:

Salt Water Chlorinator

These represent the newest wave in swimming pool servicing technologies. A chlorinator removes the need for granular or liquid chlorine, the key here being convenience. With a chlorinator you will eliminate the manual application and storage needs of chlorine. This piece of equipment converts salt into chlorine through a chemical process whenever your pool needs more chlorine.

Ultimately, renovation projects that include salt water chlorinator cut down on the hassle of monitoring the chlorine levels yourself. With these systems you will also prevent itchy eyes, meaning that you will be able to spend more time swimming instead of taking care of it.

Colour LEDs and Pool Lights

Another renovation that will highly improve the visual effects of your pool is the addition of fibre optic lights and coloured LEDs. This is a new trend in terms of backyard night lightning and it is heating swimming landscapes all over the world. Pool lights can easily be installed directly onto the floors or walls of a pool, allowing the body of water to glow in a wide variety of neon colours.

Not only do these LED lights increase the value of your pool, but they also highly enhance the functional use of outdoor living spaces by encouraging people to entertain in backyards after sundown. By including LED lights in a pool renovation project, you will overhaul your night life.

Natural Stone Decking and Coping

Finally, the addition of decking and coping of natural stone tiles is an extremely useful renovation upgrade. Patios made out of stone bring your outdoor living space to life. You can use a wide variety of stones for the patio or coping, such as sandstone, bluestone, or any other intricate design that you find suitable. You can also use contrasting materials to draw attention to the focal points of your backyard. For example, in order to highlight the outline of your pool you could use a bluestone coping around a sandstone decking.