5 Questions to Ask Your Pool Service Professionals When You Adopt a Dog

If you have a pool service who regularly comes to your home to clean your filters and service your pool, you should notify them if you are going to adopt a dog. When you call your pool service before or immediately after you adopt your dog, ask them the following questions. These questions can help to make sure the situation is safe for everyone including you, your dogs and the pool service professionals.

1. Do you work with dogs on the premises?

If your pool service company comes to your home when you aren't there and you plan to have your dog loose in the yard, you need to make sure the pool service professionals are okay with that.

If they are startled by a strange dog, it could upset them as well as the dog. If your dog got scared and attacked and anyone got hurt, you may be held liable for the situation. It could also just be annoying if the personnel are trying to clean the pool but your dog is overly friendly and keeps getting too close to them as they work.

2. Do you recommend more frequent filter changes?

If you are allowing your dog to swim in your pool, ask the pool service professionals if they recommend more frequent filter changes. If you have a very large hairy dog, the hair can coat your filter.

You can brush your dog before he swims to cut down on the hair, but you should still anticipate more filter changes.

3. Can you change the pool chemicals from chlorine to bromine?

Chlorine can be hard on a dog's sensitive ear, nose and throat tissue, and you may want to ask your pool service if they can change your pool's chemicals so they include bromine rather than chlorine.

If not, just remember to rinse your dog after he gets out of the pool and see if you can safely lower the amount of chlorine in your pool.

4. Can my pool liner stand up to scratches?

Ask the pool service professionals how they think your pool liner will hold up against a dog's claws. In general, vinyl liners can usually be easily punctured by a dog's claws or other sharp items, but fiberglass and cement usually fare pretty well. However, fiberglass may get superficial scratches in the top coating.

5. Can you modify the pool to make it more comfortable for my dog?

If you really want to make your pool inviting, comfortable and safe for your new dog, talk with the pool service company or pool contractors about whether or not they can make dog-friendly accommodations to your pool. For example, if your pool doesn't have stairs, adding them makes it easier for a dog to get in or out of your pool.